A little about our mission...


We understand the struggles of being a woman and we believe that Not EVERYONE has to shamefully walk around the store with a box of tampons in their hand nor do they have to worry that they wont have an extra tampon floating around in a purse, drawer or glove compartment when the time comes. Women, you no longer have to hate yourselves at 8:30 in the morning when you’re already running late and you forgot to grab a box during your run to the store. And to my teens you no longer have to live through the embarrassment of asking someone to pick up “your stuff”. We understand the value of convenience. We understand that time means everything and because we know women we know our services will lead to a happier and more prepared you. Sooo Ladies no longer worry! Femail fariy's grant your wish!

Will deliver female care to your doorstep right on time, every time!

Get your delivery in time for your next period.