How Femail Fairy Works

 Femail Fairy is a home delivery business that ships tampons to women monthly. The unique business model takes on the role of remembering our customers periods, so that they don’t have to. We offer peace of mind! Women can now purchase tampons in the comfort of their own home. With the Femail Fairy monthly subscription plan, you sign up one time by selecting your favorite tampon brand, product and monthly delivery date. 

Step 1

First Choose your Favorite Brand, then  Absorbency size, and if you want your tampon scented or non scented. 

Step 2

Enter your cycle start date. (Estimated day of your next period.) We will send a few days in advance. 

Step 3

Your tampons will arrive a few days before your next period!


"I don't even keep track of my period anymore, because my tampons show up right in time." - Molly Murrells Inlet, SC 


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